Criminal Background Screen

Criminal Background Screen

What is a Criminal Background "Screen"?

A "CRIMINAL" background screening is a process used to investigate an individual's past criminal history and record. Employers, landlords, government agencies, and various organizations often conduct criminal background checks to assess a person's potential risk, credibility, and suitability for a particular position or engagement.

Where is the information obtained?

During a criminal background screening, information from law enforcement databases, court records, and other sources may be examined to identify any prior convictions, arrests, or criminal activities. The purpose of such screenings is to ensure the safety and security of the workplace, community, or environment where the individual will be involved.

It is essential to note that criminal background screenings must comply with local laws and regulations to protect the privacy and rights of the individuals being screened. The process aims to provide a fair and balanced assessment of an individual's past while considering their ability to reintegrate into society or contribute positively to a given opportunity.

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